Can Martin O'Neill make Aston Villa great again?

Right, I've seen this question flirted with on other Aston Villa websites but I'm going to put my head on the block and ask it; does Martin O'Neill have what it takes to make Aston Villa great again?

Now, I know what some of you are going to say; 'fickle fans' and 'we lose one match and you start questioning the manager' and you have every right to say those things, but it really isn't 'just one match' and this has been bubbling on the surface for several months now.

It is also just a question, so before the blood boils, relax. It is getting asked everywhere and chances are you have thought it.

So, seeing as it is just a question, there is a poll to the right. I think this will be a good indicator, two days after losing to ten man Blackburn and you've guessed it, we will do another after we beat Manchester City and Chelsea, because it will be interesting to see how views change after three points.

But, some are saying that O'Neill has taken us as far as he can and some are questioning his ability in this league. When you look at his record in this league then find out that managers like Steve McClaren and Graeme Souness have matched his League Cup, then it maybe does raise concerns, mostly because into his fourth season, we're not really seeing the football develop or anything really change that much apart from the personnel.

For the record, I'm in the camp that is undecided. I was decided. I was convinced that he was the man but I've asked enough times to see the football develop and I'm not seeing it and for me it's quite fundamental. You need to see the football develop and all I'm seeing is the same every week; run, run, run, run and run.

I really do want it to be him and I still believe, because I have to, but this question is getting asked everywhere and seeing as the club take online surveys so seriously these days and this is something they are not going to ask, we will do it for them.

On something else, as I'm sure it's going to come up in the comments below, when you start talking about who will replace him. When you do think about managers to replace O'Neill think of two. Think about the manager who you would want if you had £200mn to spend and then think of the manager you'd like or think would come if he were only to have a net spend of £20mn a season.

It means there is no 'he won't come to us' and 'we're not big enough' and seeing as it's all just banter anyway, it might make it easier and seeing as Lerner is a bit like Casper at the moment, none of us really know what the score is or even if he'll be here in six months.