Martin O'Neill, the man, the legend. Is he the right man?

We ran a quick question yesterday asking if you thought Martin O'Neill was the right man for Aston Villa. In essence, did you think Martin O'Neill had taken us as far as he could and the results are in.

But, before we get to the results, this is just to let you know that we are going to run this quick question in the last week of every month from now and it will act as a sort of approval rating of the manager, something the Americans are so keen on and something us Brits are starting to like more and more.

But, to the results and as of September 2009, 67.6% of you think Martin O'Neill is the man. 10.3% are undecided and 22.1% think he has done his job and it's time for him to move on.

It's interesting results and I'm on record from yesterday saying that I've gone from the he's the man column to the undecided column. I'm just too confused about what he's doing, or not doing and I just think there has been too many mistakes.

I'd love to be wrong though but it's going to take us finishing better than 6th and not just better on points for me to even be able to buy into another season of counter attacking high tempo football with no real direction or idea of how to break a team down.

So, for those of you that say sack O'Neill now, you know that the majority don't want him sacked so when you say it, it's fairly pointless as it's falling on deaf ears, as most think he's the man.

But before I go, the legend reference explained. Well, actually not explained, thrown out. O'Neill is no legend and while there is every chance he might one day be tagged as an Aston Villa legend, it's going to take silverware and not just the League Cup.