March madness for Aston Villa: Predict the results for March and win something

As I alluded to earlier, March is a tough month. Five games in two weeks would be a struggle for any club, even those with a manager that liked to rotate, as continuity of first team usually plays a role to a successful little run.

Martin O'Neill might or might not rotate his players but one thing Martin O'Neill isn't, is predictable and that is the point of this post; predictions.

You see, I've just had a few t-shirts delivered and we are going to use the two spare for a competition. The others were supposed to go out so long ago, I had actually forgotten that I asked for them to be sent here which was because I was told they were sent out but also told they were never received by the winners, so I've had them printed again and they are now sitting on my desk and yes, the two that are waiting, they will be in the post on Monday.

Competition Time

So, we are going to have a competition and it's a simple one really and is based on the next five matches. All you have to do is predict the result which will then give you a total number of points you think we will get from the five matches.

  • Saturday, March 13th - Stoke at Britannia Stadium
  • Tuesday, March 16th - Wigan at DW Stadium
  • Saturday, March 20th - Wolves at Villa Park
  • Wednesday, March 24th - Sunderland at Villa Park
  • Saturday, March 27th - Chelsea at Stamford Bridge

Now, to make it easy for me, the winners will be whoever predicts the correct amount of points we get from the next five matches, but there can only be two winners. As an example, you could say nine points and that we will win the first three and lose the last two and if at the end of March we had nine points and you were the only one to say nine points, you would win.

If however, ten of you said nine points, I am then going to look at who got the actual results correct, so there is a chance it will come down to how good your individual predictions were and not just how lucky you were at picking nine points.

If ten of you actually then predicted the right results and the right number of points - I'm going to pick the two winners out of a make believe hat on my desk and when I pick your names, I'll email you for your address.

I think that is clear enough, isn't it? If not, just copy the list above into the comment box and put after each line a 0, 1 or 3 and those points represent what you think Aston Villa will get out of each match and at the bottom of your comment, put the total number of points those five points add up to.

So, two t-shirts getting posted on Monday and two more at the end of March - have fun and please, try and keep the comments on this page relevant to the competition. If you want to talk about the merits of wearing a snood in March, use the post from earlier. You have until kick off tomorrow - all entries after kick off tomorrow will be deleted.