Manchester City 3 Aston Villa 1: Fifth is still possible

This is only a news post and I am not going to go into detail but for a few minutes after kick off and especially after we went 1-0 up, it was nice here.

There was, even from me, a real feeling of optimism, but after Man City got the equaliser, they were always going to go on and get another and we didn´t really look like scoring ours, so chances of a second were slim for us.

There was hope we would get a second, we dominated the last 20 minutes, but Manchester City set themselves up like they did against Arsenal and Manchester United. They are managed by an Italian and they are getting better at holding on to what they have.

It really was all over in the 90th minute though when Craig Bellamy got the third for them.

Bottom line, they did exactly what they had to today and they did it well. We we unlucky and nearly got something out of it, but didn´t.

But, all is not lost. Fourth is, although some will say it isn´t and if Liverpool win tomorrow we will be in seventh place and I fancy Liverpool might beat Chelsea, although I really wouldn´t be surprised to see Liverpool get a proper beating too, but that doesn´t really matter either.

My point is, we can still hold out hope for fifth, it isn´t impossible, but brace yourself for 6th and don´t be surprised with seventh. It comes down to beating Blackburn now.

More tomorrow, for now, I am off for a beer and some food and some thinking. Back in an hour or so.