Luna landed and is that it for Aston Villa?

Last night the club confirmed the signing of Antonio Luna and I know the headline of this post was used by the Guardian, but I honestly did think of it as I saw the news breaking so I'm using it anyway.

And we sort of knew it was coming, but that isn't a bad thing. I think it's a good thing. But right now, you'd be forgiven for thinking that is it for this summer, mostly because we've not heard of anything else.

But I don't think it's over. I actually think we've got that older head coming in, the player the younger players can look up to when they will probably need it. I'm not sure it is absolutely going to happen, but I think it will. I also think that will be the difference for us this season.

I'm not preparing a 'I told you so post' either. When I say difference, I'm not meaning that we will survive or not, I'm convinced now that we will survive next season regardless of any more players coming in, what I'm referring to is us really doing well and not just finishing mid-table and having nothing else to look forward to next season.

I believe, with the older head in the middle of the park, we can challenge for something more than just Premier League football the following season. I also believe that all players need that leader on pitch and I really don't think we have it at the moment.

More speculation

Well, this isn't speculation in the true sense, but I'm expecting the likes if Ireland, Given, Bent and if rumours are to be believed, Bannan leaving very soon too, but there will be more business.

I expect others to get new contracts. We all know who they are and I also wouldn't be surprised if N'Zogbia left but I also wouldn't be surprised if he stayed. I think it is good for Benteke to have someone like N'Zogbia in the side.

But now almost the entire post is detracting from the news that we have signed what we all hope to be a fairly decent left back and some would say, some much needed competition for Joe Bennett. I'll say it again, I like Bennett and I think he has something to offer, so this is all good.

Because at the end of the day, it's about the Football Club, not individual players, however much we might like them. I'm all for where we find ourselves right now.