Losing to Luton doesn't inspire confidence

I've started to write this post with 20 minutes to go because I think I can. And it will be short because you all know what I'm going to write, because I've written it so many times before. But this is going to be short and to the point because I need to try and make it easy.

Luton beat us tonight because they had a plan and they played with purpose and passion as a team.

Aston Villa haven't really had a proper plan or played with purpose or passion for a long time. And we don't play as a team. We've got a group of individuals that clearly don't play as a team. And I think our managers make it out to be harder than it is.

And it's clear as day we don't have a plan. If Di Matteo had watched any of the matches from last season, he'd not have put Richards on the pitch and if you're playing with Gestede, you'd know to do everything in your power to get crosses in. Sorry, this isn't about players. I added the Gestede thing though.

Aston Villa lost tonight, not because of the players. The players we have in our squad, even now before the changes, are more than capable of struggling in the Premier League (look where Gil and Sanchez have ended up and where Ayew could). It's the management that need to put in the extra hours and start to make a plan and get that across.

And maybe they are and maybe it's taking time. But you know what, losing to Luton doesn't inspire confidence and there isn't an excuse that can be used, there simply isn't.

I'm sorry. I'm biting my tongue but I think I've left enough crumbs the past few weeks to know my views. I just hope I'm wrong.