Liverpool 1 Aston Villa 1: A point is a point and because of where we are we should be happy

A match is ninety minutes and in any given match, anything can happen. I’m not making excuses or looking for something to counter any opinion anyone might have on Alex McLeish, but it would just be nice to win one over ninety minutes and not throw one away.

And we didn't really throw this one away. You could say we are the lucky side to get a point, but I think you know what I mean.

The thing is, it is actually more than just ninety minutes. It is about a season. It is about a belief. It is about hope. It is about so much more than just winning one game. But wouldn't that be nice. Hell, I'd give a testicle if it meant we won a match. As long as I got it back after we lost the next one.

But enough of the philosophical - that is for another site and I’m not going to pretend. Instead, let us enjoy the moment as best we can.

To the match

With ten minutes gone a cross came in that landed, eventually, at the feet of Barry Bannan (in case you didn’t know, a product of our Academy) who pulled the ball back for Chris Herd (another product of the Aston Villa Academy) to shoot and score.

And this wasn’t against a second rate side. Sure, it was against a side playing like they are a second rate side but it was also done with a bit of style and something we have seen little of this season. It was a good goal from some good Aston Villa players that need more time.

And then, you could easily say that Liverpool had the best chances all round and that we tried to sit back. We did what Aston Villa do under this manager. Then, with ten minutes to go, Saurez pops up and gets the equaliser.

And I know I predicted a win for one side today, but don't hate me because I got that wrong. What many saw today was two sides in trouble, but actually for different reasons although very similar.

The end result

You don't usually go to Anfield and win, but this is Anfield under King Kenny and new manager syndrome has well and truly worn off and they are having a horrible time. So some are going to see this as a good result and actually, you know what, all things considered, it is. But even though I predicted a win, this is the result none of us will be surprised with.

A point however is important at this stage of the season so I'm not complaining and I'm also not going to write anything more about this monkey of a manger we have - it loks like we have him for the foreseeable future and that is even though we have the Academy players doing the business, as they've done for years and an owner who doesn't seem able to put two and two of his inherited numbers together and come up with four.

Apologies also for those that follow me on Twitter - quite a few issues today, don't ask why.