Krulak talks, the club say thanks and Vidic isn't wrong

We are going to take a look at Reading on Sunday a little later but as I was saying to someone last night - we can not lose. I don't expect we will, but I also didn't expect the performance we got on Sunday, but Reading are a Championship side and our work rate and quality of player will be too much for them.

But more on Reading later, today, there is very little going on, so I am scraping the barrel. Now I know what it feels like to support Birmingham City.

First up is Vidic

Nemanja Vidic from
We had a bad start – me more than most – but in the end we deserved the win because we created more chances. For their goal it was a lapse in concentration and bad positioning on my part. After that, though, I was focused more and felt I did well.

Villa had players with pace up front and they’re a physical team. But if you take away the early penalty I don’t think they created much. They looked dangerous once or twice when they got crosses in or from set pieces but overall we felt comfortable.

Vidic isn't wrong. Sure we put them under a little bit of pressure early on but nothing happened and while they were kind enough to wait for it, when it didn't come, they took control and always had another gear or two it they wanted it.

Club say thanks

The club website said thanks to all the supporters the other day, which was nice, but a little unnecessary. Maybe they would like to apologise for the performance and result? Yes, I am in a very strange mood today, but there is no need to say thanks, we don't go into this wanting thanks. Like I said, nice for those that will take it that way. I don't.

Krulak talks

There was speculation recently suggesting Martin O'Neill had to sell before he could buy and that there would be limited funds available in the summer. The man that told us of the five year plan (later rubbished) and the £30mn player (that never happened) and all round club PR kingpin is speaking on the subject.

Charles Krulak from
The second I read the article, I asked Randy about it - his answer was 'rubbish'. Both Randy and Martin are on the same sheet of music and both know where the club needs to go.

No real surprises in what Krulak has said but we must thank him for confirming that both the owner and manager 'know where the club needs to go' - that has reassured me. I mean, had they not known that, we would surely have been in trouble.

Really, what do you expect any PR man at the club to say? To coin a phrase used so often by him though; actions speak louder than words. We will see in the summer what the net spend is and rest assured, Martin O'Neill will spend all that is made available to him, because he has told us so.

All I will say is it needs to be more than the net spend of the last few seasons or all we are going to see is what we have seen for the last few seasons and this one - there you go, me predicting the future again. Sorry.

I'm off to drink coffee and eat toast.