Konsa yesterday, Luiz today, what happens tomorrow?

I'm starting to lose count of all the new players coming in. I'm not joking. News today is that we've agreed a fee of £15m for Manchester City player Douglas Luiz. No, I'd not heard of him either and hands up, I don't really remember much about Ezri Konsa either.

But there is a need for new players and you can't start a Premier League season with a squad of 20. But you know I get worried by all these new players coming in. But at the same time our game is based on work rate as much as anything else and that's the easy part. The other part is always going to take time.

And there is talk of more. And I think more will be coming. And it's nice to see the business getting done early.

And I've seen a few reference Fulham. I think we're different to Fulham, in so much we are getting the business done early, but I can understand why we're getting mentioned in the same breath. However, if we take a professional approach to this and players are playing in their preferred positions and instructions are clear, they should get up to speed more quickly.

That we're keeping the same management team from Championship to Premier League will also help. We're also a bigger Club than Fulham and I know that doesn't mean much, but the entire approach is going to be better controlled and managed. Luiz will also be good for Wesley.

It's also worth pointing out that as things stand and I think this is something that a lot of the press and a lot of other people are missing, even after we've brought in all these players, the likelihood is that the starting eleven will only be changed by three or four players. That isn't such a big change.

One thing is for sure, we'll approach games in a similar fashion next season and that is what I'm looking forward to seeing with these new players. That and Jack and John stepping up.