James Milner, Pompey, Umbro and the greedy Premier League

There really is very little to write about today that doesn't focus on rumour so I was going to focus on Pompey having nothing to play for on Sunday and how they will probably be resting some of their better players with the FA Cup final coming up and how it really should be a formality, but then, that is actually it, all done in one paragraph.

Of course, we will be told nothing is a formality and that it is going to be a tough game, mostly because they have made the final and a team that makes the final isn't an easy game. But a relegated team is never easy and Pompey would still be bottom of the table if you add nine points.

Nike or Umbro

We could talk about the Umbro rumour - but does it matter who the kit is made by; does it really? No it doesn't. It is just a name, it is the same company and the shirts will probably be made in the same factory by the same 8 year old, working and not going to school so he can make a dollar a day. Nike or Umbro - you'll still buy and so will I eventually.

Premier League con men

We could talk about the Premier League contesting the Ofcom decision over Sky Sports having to reduce the price they charge rival channels and I think we will, as it is, just a little bit, more interesting.

You see, Ofcom have decided that Sky had to reduce how much they charged the likes of BT and Virgin for them to be able to resell those channels. The Premier League doesn't like this - and the only reason (I'm guessing now) the Premier League doesn't like this is because Sky have told the Premier League that if they don't say something, use some of their muscle, they won't be bidding as much next time out for the TV rights. They won't have too.

You see, it is all about money. It isn't really about the football any more, let alone the supporter. If it was, the league would see this as an opportunity to maybe bring in a few more rules to the game so things like football clubs going into administration didn't happen again.

Maybe and I know this is fairly radical, the league brought in a rule that meant that clubs could only pay, lets say, no more than 40% of the revenue they generate on salaries or maybe they could make it really even and say, that in five years, no team can pay anything over £20mn a season on squad salaries and £10mn a season on bonuses.

I know it is radical, but let's make it so other TV companies can bid and lets make it not just about money but what else they will do. Why not end our over reliance on money and make football fair and honest. Come on, isn't it time? Look, I know it won't happen, the game is no longer honest, in so many ways, but it is starting to get difficult.

James Milner

So, we are left to talk about Milly. He was short listed yesterday for PFA young player of the season award along with and you'll like this, Fabregas, Rooney and Hart. I just think it is funny that the likes of Rooney and Milner, who both started playing in 2004 and Fabregas who made his debut in 2003, can be considered 'young players'.

It is also a little funny because Fabregas and Rooney also make the short list for the grown up player of the year award and surely, whichever one doesn't win or if both of them don't win, one of them should win the young player award? Okay, you could argue that it doesn't mean they should, but then surely Milner would have to be in the grown up short list award too? Ah, I'm not going to bother - it's all good.

However, that rumour about Manchester United wanting Milner again has started up - but we all know that isn't true, because Martin O'Neill told us there was nothing in it. It is just wild speculation.