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James Milner joins Manchester City and Stephen Ireland joins Aston Villa

This looks done. When I say, it looks done, this isn't just me thinking that, I've waited for a well respected national newspaper to Tweet about it first and The Guardian have just done that.

The Tweet can be seen here, but for those that just want the words, it says: Manchester City confirm signing of Aston Villa midfielder James Milner.

They are also saying that Stephen Ireland is coming in the other direction and I've got hopes for Stephen Ireland, but I really didn't want to see Milner go. He looked so much better in the middle and I cant help but think he will turn into a bit part player at Manchester City.

Still, on balance, I cant help but think that we have done better out of this deal, but don't take my word for it. Go ask some random football fans who they would prefer in the middle; Ireland or Milner. I think you'll find that most would have Ireland.

Still, he had his head turned and when that happens, it is very hard to do anything about it. Both deals are subject to medicals but if all goes through as planned - don;t be surprised to see Stephen Ireland thrown into the deep end on Thursday night.