James Milner, Fabulous Delph and Paul Scharner

This is going to be a quick rumour round up today and confirmation of some sad news about Fabian Delph. Basically, he is out of the rest of the year and well, it isn't nice.

Delph basically buggered up his knee. The club site said 'rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament [ACL] in his left knee' and while I've never had issues with my knees so don't know, he is out for up to eight months, so I think it fair to assume it is quite serious. I hope he makes it back.

James Milner

I've got to rush off this morning as I've got a meeting in town but there are a couple of rumours flying about. First up is that Manchester City are interested in James Milner and it is everywhere.

When I say everywhere, what I mean it is, it isn't just a line at the end of another article, it is it's own article and it is on several websites. This doesn't mean it is true and it doesn't mean it wasn't dropped by someone else to start increasing the price of the player and well, it doesn't mean anything.

James Milner will leave for Manchester United or Chelsea or Arsenal and if he did, who could blame him? He isn't our player, He is not Aston Villa and he still has many many seasons ahead of him. The thing is, I can't see him going to Manchester City, just for the money, as I think James Milner is more than about the money - I fancy James Milner is a decent bloke and I actually think he will be more than happy earning his £45k a week with us (likely rising to £65k a week with us if he stays) and I think he'll probably rather do it with Aston Villa than Manchester City. It's just a feeling.

Paul Scharner

Talk is he isn't happy and he is talking.

Paul Scharner
Fulham, Everton, Aston Villa and Sunderland are interested in signing me, which would even guarantee me a spot in Europe. So there is no reason to stay here.

He is a decent player and would probably do well under O'Neill. Thing is, we have quite a few decent players at the club - we now need the very good and excellent players at the club - he doesn't fall into this category. Not by a long way.

Right, that is about it for today for now, unless the club announce the signing of someone later today. It is possible for them to announce that they have made an agreement with someone you know and you never know. Today could be the day.