It's about ups and downs for Aston Villa this season

I'm fairly sure I've written this before, but here goes again; last season was all about the downs, this season is going to be about ups and downs and that is just something we have to accept, because there is nothing that can be done about it.

Yes, after six games last season we had more points, but we only had one more win and we knew then that the football was going to be tough to watch. Nobody can say that, so far, the football is tough to watch. The manager has issues at the moment, but that is in who he picks to start, so it's interesting issues.

Lots of questions

I write that because Darren Bent, dropped to the bench for this team, came off that bench to save a point and we needed him and it is going to make it tough for the manager to drop him again. Then we've also got Lichaj, dropped to the bench, but the goal and the disallowed one for West Brom came down the right - what does the manager do about that?

Throw into the mix Barry Bannan, who some would say changed the game when he came on and the manager has issues. But nice issues, or certainly ones that should provide debate here and not reason for concern.

But I understand why some are disappointed. What did Lichaj do to be dropped? Or, what did Benteke do to justify starting ahead of a proven Premier League striker and why is it either Bannan or Albrighton and why not both?

Lots of questions to answer or think about before Spurs and I'll say this now; regardless of the result, look at the performance. The results will come.

It could be worse

Look at it this way; you could support Birmingham City or end up walking into a Genting Casino. Those two things are almost on a par.

Man of the match

And before I go, please vote for your man of the match to the right. One player is winning right now and you can not say he doesn't put the effort in, but it isn't over.