It is time for Paul Faulkner to show Aston Villa fans he can make the right decision

It was clear to many that this was the wrong choice from day one and it is clear to a few that the club are lost at the moment. They need to sort this mess out and quickly - it is only going to get worse.

So, continuing my theme of quoting sources here is another one since Saturday. Randy has to get rid and Paul Faulkner, as CEO of Aston Villa, has to make the recommendation, sooner rather than later.

John Gregory was at Villa Park on Saturday - don't read anything into it, but a bit of that right about now wouldn't go a miss and don't be surprised if they spoke to him - it is the kind of good PR that will help.

Football365 Winners & Losers Column
Sympathy there be none. Villa committed a crime against football in the summer in hiring Alex McLeish, repugnantly abusing the fabric of fan loyalty in hiring the manager of their local rivals, wilfully ignoring his record of two relegations in three seasons and shamefully shunning his reputation for producing dour, insipid, uninspiring fare. Sympathy there be none because they asked for this.

Those fans who protested against McLeish's appointment at the time deserve better than the heap of steaming excrement duly and - if we accept that history occasionally provides a reliable indication of what to expect in the future - inevitably served up, but everybody else associated with club itself deserves nothing but the worst. They deserve the punishment those protests warned would be their comeuppance.

If mitigation is sought then it might stumble across the tepid response that, with the most successful manager in English football a Scot, it's understandable that so many clubs continue to look north of the border for their next man of inspiration, but beyond that, all that remains is pity and scorn for a club that is to the Premier League what open toilets are to Glastonbury.

That is a great quote and just underlines a lot of what this blog has produced since the dark day he was appointed manager. The decision was wrong then and it is still wrong now and it isn't going to get better.

Five wins in his last 27 matches as manager, same points and goal difference as The Clowns as the same stage last season - how much more evidence do you want Mr Faulkner?

It is time for Paul Faulkner to make the call. It is time for Paul Faulkner to acknowledge we are not moving forward with this manager and that we will never move forward with him.

Now is the time - not before it is too late, but before many lose faith in Aston Villa and the current regime.