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Important day of football and a chuckle

I read something funny this morning. It wasn't funny as in a story, it was funny in how something was written about a player. I'll get to it in a minute.

It comes in a minute, because today is just a quick post about other football matches and because we want to see Bolton, Blackburn, Chelsea, Sunderland and Everton win.

We want to see them win because we sort of need to see them win and I think they all will. You see, there are worse teams than us this season and that is why I think we will stay up - not because we are playing scintillating football and we are tearing teams apart.

But we need to see them win because if results go against us today we could find ourselves in the bottom three. Then tomorrow does become a must-win game, if it wasn't already.

Tomorrow is a must win

As such, I'm having a bet on a home win, but that is me. You might not. But you could have a bet on the rest of the matches this weekend. I might have ten quid on those five above.

Made me laugh

Liverpool will make an "audacious" bid to sign Tottenham Hotspur winger Aaron Lennon this summer for £15m.

Really - would it be audacious? I think it would be more a case of thank you very much, where do we sign? That is an awful lot of money for a player that rarely does it. Anyway, it made me laugh.

I'm off now - but an important day. Lots of football to keep up to date with, so I'll be tweeting if you're out and about and if you're not, well, you've always got the pub.