I love Brad Guzan and he knows it: Aston Villa 1 Reading 0

He didn't do anything that really warrants the title of the post but I feel safe with him. Brad Guzan is like a good mate, someone you can count on. He isn't your best mate, but he is someone you can count on. Do you know what I mean?

None of that matters now though. What matters now is that we are out of the relegation zone and we have three points, but something needs to be written and you're not going to like it.

The thing you're not going to like is that we played like a Championship side tonight. Take away the goal, which wasn't really fashioned out of anything other than a corner, we were poor.

We were very poor. But that doesn't matter for right now. Right now, we won and we deserve a drink. I'm going for a drink and you know what, there will be a match post tomorrow about tonight.