I am your father and goals against Ipswich

Now, we're entering a place where we're going to need something quite spectacular to happen for us to go up automatically and that's not a nice place. It's also starting to look a little like it might be Cardiff that go up with Wolves.

None of this is for certain yet, but Fulham do present more of a worry than Cardiff. Saying that, on our day I think we can beat anyone in this League and that is important.

But that is old news and just an opinion. We have new news and it's that our new kit manufacturer (I think) is Luke 1977. Hands up, I'd heard of the brand before but knew little of it, but all that aside, I learnt today that they're local and for me that's important. That he's a Villa fan, it's what it's all about.

A shirt is a shirt and it will be claret and blue and fingers crossed it wont be like every other shirt in the League. There is a chance also that it might be quite a lot nicer and you know what, as someone in his 40's, it doesn't really bother me that much these days. But he's local and a Villa fan and that feels right.

I'll be eagerly awaiting this kit for those reasons and I hope he does well out of it. I even had a look at the website today and saw a couple of items I might just be ordering .. I mean, you've got to support your own right?

Picture of the new kit I guess when it comes out, I just hope they do a 'casual' fit too. And as for next season, once again, I don't care what League we're in.

The goals