Better than last season, smokescreens and up next

I'm still very happy that the season is back, but some of the comments on social media make me laugh. What worried me most though was seeing John Terry asking supporters to stay together. One game in and the new captain is asking supporters to stay together. This worries me.

This worry would go away if supporters just gave the players and manager a chance. It's one game and we've already done better than last season. That was a tongue in cheek statement .. but it's true and no, there isn't a chart yet (even if I have updated it) but let me tell you, to win the League, we need to have four points after two games and eight points after four.

My point is that while we'd all like to have won the first three, I think we'd all be happy if it's only two of the first three or even possibly four.

The match

Before the match, I tweeted something about the only thing I would have changed was Green for Gabby. And sure enough, Gabby has to score. He'll be after a new contract now and as soon as he gets that, he'll go back to regular Gabby. And that is the ultimate problem with Gabby and why, with him close to the team, we'll not progress.

And you might think that a fairly radical statement and I've got nothing to really back it up but years of the same. He cozies up to new players and the new managers as part of his smokescreen. But look at his statistics and think about the type of person he really is. We all know a Gabby and we all know this is exactly what this Gabby does.

I'd go so far as to say that had we started with Green over Gabby and Gabby was nowhere near the bench, we'd have won yesterday. Okay, that was written as another throwaway statement, but we've failed for so long with him in the team why should we think it will be any different.

But he did score. But it wasn't enough. And what many are saying is that this is a continuation from last season in so much that we're only playing for one half and looking for the 1-0 wins. And based on the performance and result yesterday, it's hard to argue against that. But, it was the first game of the season and against a side relegated from the Premier League last season.

I think we should give it a few more games. I think we're going to see more of an effort to put games to bed early. We're going to soon get to a stage where when we score one goal, we're going to be looking for more. That has to come.

Up next

We've got a Cup game on Wednesday against Colchester and I'm all for silverware but we have to prioritise the League this season and next weekend we go to Cardiff. I'm not suggesting we rest players, but some might need it and if we could put all our focus on the League, I'd not be that bothered if we didn't progress in the Cup.

And as long as we get three points next weekend, everyone will be happy. Go out and win by a few and some will be ecstatic.


Johnstone; Hutton, Chester, Terry, Taylor; Whelan, Bacuna (Green 70); Elmohamady, Lansbury (Samba 90), Agbonlahor; Hogan (Onamah 78).Unused subs: Steer, Hourihane, Bree, Bjarnason.


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