Hull 0 Aston Villa 2: Back to sixth, three points off fourth and 1,000 Premier League points

Okay, we have played one more game than Spurs and Manchester City but we are only three points from fourth place. Three points off fourth with three games to go; it is possible.

Okay, I don't think it will happen, you know that, but I said the other week that I think we can grab fifth if we win all our home games and I still think that is possible.

We didn't win the first one, but if we win on Sunday and on May 9th - I think we can still finish fifth, because I think either Manchester City or Spurs will bottle it and I wouldn't be surprised if it was Manchester City.

Two goals is three points

Gabby scored the first after some very sloppy defending from Hull. He could have passed square to Carew or Webcam but instead shot from a fairly tight angle, although not really a tight angle, in fact, not a tight angle.

He did have two Hull players on the line though and I did think when he struck the ball he was going to hit one, but he didn't. It went straight into the top corner and it was 1-0.

At the other end, Kevin Kilbane could have scored and when he shot his third effort at the goal after he finally beat Big Brad, I thought it was going in, because he only had to get it on target and miss The Ginger One, but he didn't, he hit The Ginger One - I was double surprised tonight.

Even more surprised was I, jumping into my Yoda impersonation, when John Carew gave a penalty to Milly to take. In fairness Milly was the player brought down and Carew did miss one the other day and we were at 1-0 so he probably didn't want the pressure.

Milly scored it and even if he didn't he would have been my man of the match tonight - he is growing on me every match and if I could give him a man hug I think I would.

To post-mortem or not

There will be no post-mortem tomorrow, it will be on Friday or even Saturday as for the next couple of days posts are going to be even shorter than usual as I'm busy, but none of that really matters. All that matters now is Sunday.

The Clowns are going to lose. They know it, we know it, but for now, or just for tonight, enjoy the result and please, vote for your man of the match.

1,000 not out

My reference to 1,000 points is because we have now picked up 1,000 points in the Premier League and we are only the fifth team to achieve it. Can you name the other four?