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Houllier talks, a quick question and Stoke

I guess it is safe to say that Gérard Houllier is now our manager, but it turns out he will not take the reigns of the football side of things for a few days. It turns out he has some loose ends to tie up, so Kevin MacDonald will take responsibility of the Stoke game on Monday.

This isn't a good thing or a bad thing, but I suspect the players will be playing for both men and that can only mean a spirited performance and I still fancy we can come back to Villa Park with three points.

Now, mathematically, that could see Gérard Houllier taking over a team top of the table, but it wont happen as it would mean us having to score more goals than hookers Wayne Rooney has had, or maybe not, but there is every possibility we could go second and that would be interesting.

The Manager

Gérard Houllier
It was really starting to tickle me. I wanted to go back pitchside. I had, of course, other proposals but this one seemed to be the most interesting in terms of working conditions and environment.

Aston Villa is not a club on the same level as Liverpool, let's be objective and honest.It's a club that according to me has belonged between seventh and 12th place in the Premier League.

But, above all, it's a historic club which has won the European Cup. It's a club which has got good infrastructure and a fine team which is after one thing - to improve year on year.

Honestly is a quality that I admire in a manager, but I actually think our natural home is sixth, but we just haven't had stability for a long long time. We've had that the past few seasons and sure enough, sixth is where we find ourselves. But, he is saying all the right things and nothing about five year plans.

Press Conference

There is one this afternoon. I suggested that the club broadcast for free, a bit like how Manchester City broadcast everything for free, as a way to promote AVTV but I've heard nothing. I just think that things like this, unexpected things, can be broadcast for free. We will find out soon enough, otherwise we will just have to wait until someone puts it on YouTube.

Favourite modern day player

This is just a question, as I was speaking to someone recently about it. We all have one that we remember fondly and I have mine, but I'm not going to say who just yet, but he is proper Aston Villa and that goes a long way for me.

But who is yours? It can be anyone and it doesn't have to be modern day but I don't think many will be able to say Tom "Pongo" Waring. I'm talking about someone that makes you think good things about Aston Villa when you think about Aston Villa.

Just a question, no prize or surprise or t-shirt.

Post updated

Some of you might have noticed this, but unless something really important happens in the day, I'm now only posting once a day and updating the post. So, every now and then, you might see a new heading, just thought I'd let you know.