Heskey might have to leave Aston Villa and Chelsea on Saturday

Morning all. I took yesterday off because there was little to know Aston Villa news worthy of an opinion and well, I'm sort of getting used to this with all these international breaks.

Fortunately we have Chelsea on Saturday, so we have football to look forward to and I for one am quite excited but apart from that, we've only got Emile Heskey talking about quitting Aston Villa today.

Now, I'm not sure if he is aware, but he is under contract, although I suspect most will be pleased by this bit of news. Most don't seem to rate Heskey very highly and while it is fair to say it hasn't really worked for him here, you could argue that he hasn't had a proper run and that he seems to do better when playing as the lone striker.

But, that isn't going to happen with Gabby and Carew ahead of him so he is looking at greener pastures to make sure he is on the plane to South Africa for the World Cup next year.

Emile Heskey
If things don't change, I will have to think about my next move but you would have to ask the Villa manager why I'm in the England team and not his. I don't know.

You always think about those kind of things but, like I said, I will just have to try to address it when the time is right. But I'm never going to give up, it's just another hurdle I have to get over.

So, I guess that is a question Martin O'Neill is going to get asked next time he is with the press and I suspect he isn't going to be too happy that one of his players is setting up the press with their questions. Could it be that Heskey knows how to push his buttons?

There is nothing really wrong with what he has said, but a bit of me can see O'Neill fuming this morning. At the end of the day though, players have the power these days don't they?

Right, that is it. I'm searching and searching for something else but there isn't anything yet. We do have Brian Doogan, the new head of media starting today so while it is probably a little too early to expect change, you never know. I'll let you know if he emails in.