Happy New Year: Aston Villa score, Aston Villa don't lose, Aston Villa move up to sixteenth

Swansea were unlucky not to be three up inside ten minutes and they had the lions share of possession. If I was a Swansea fan tonight I'd be happy but gutted. We were very fortunate to get a draw, even if Swansea got their equaliser in injury time.

And that is as they say, that. We were very fortunate and unlucky at the same time but sometimes you need that fortune and the luck comes when it wants to.

What really happened

We scored two and we didn't lose and we moved up to 16th because Manchester United beat Wigan. That has to be a good start to the year doesn't it?

But at times we did look poor and Swansea had something in the region of 65% possession, three times as many shots as us and for the most part we played with the majority of our team behind the ball.

It isn't perfect but had we lost today and Lambert got the sack I don't think there would have been that many people disappointed. As it stands, he gets an extension, but he has to win a game soon and what better time with Ipswich and Bradford coming up?