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Handbags: Is all revealed after apologies issued

Richard Dunne (left) and James Collins, issue apologies for acting like a couple of girls

A few years ago, in my leaner days and hungry to prove myself, I was asked to set up a new sales office for a fairly small but competitive company. During this time, I learnt a lesson.

I'm not going to bore you with the lesson, but it was along the lines of, those that feel most threatened, are the ones to look out for.

Now, I'm not saying that Collins and Dunne should feel more threatened than anyone else in the side, they were two of our best players under the previous manager, but they have to accept, we, as a club, are now trying to move forward.

We're not playing retro football any more and if they are not capable of stepping up their game, leave the handbags at the door.

Words of wisdom

Now, I've not commented on what did or didn't happen in the week, because I don't know. Something happened, we know that and if the press are to be believed it turns out it was Collins and Dunne, because they have both had something to say today.

Richard Dunne
I apologise unreservedly for my behaviour on Wednesday night.It was not acceptable and I am genuinely sorry.

Nice words from Richard Dunne. More from James Collins below, but bear in mind these are from the News of the World so could have been said three years ago about something completely different and as I've not seen the paper, I can't really comment on context.

James Collins
We were wrong. This should not have happened and I apologise for the part I played.

Now, it appears this matter has been put to bed. I'd say that was swift action from the manager and if I could just ask that we move on, that would be nice too.

I don't expect either to be at the club next season and quite specifically because they can't play the manager wants them to play, so on that point, I will leave it.

Sunday speculation

Is Gary Cahill coming back to Villa Park? He would be welcomed with a roar from the Holte End as many were very disillusioned when he was sold. Okay, some weren't, but they were still in the land of promise sucking on Turkish delight and drinking from the free bar, but many were.

If he comes, it would be like a child coming home from a gap year travelling through Manchester. You were always worried that they might not make it back and you got the odd call and email, but having them back in your house, eating at the table and telling stories about how they survived, would just be the best feeling in the world, I imagine.

Anyway, I'd like to see him back and you know, he might even want to come back.