Hand on heart time and Gabby: Are you going to renew your season ticket?

The club have released pricing for season tickets and they go on sale soon and supporters on Facebook are having a right laugh at the clubs expense. Dumb and Dumber (I was going to call them Del Boy and Rodney but seeing as there is a photo doing the rounds of Lerner and Faulkner I thought better) seem to think they'll shift some for whatever reason, but I'm interested to know if you're going to buy.

So, to make it rather simple, there is a poll. The poll is a multiple choice one and you have three options. Those three options make answering quite simple and after you've voted you will see the results.

I'm not keeping this up for long - I'm looking for a specific number and as soon as we get to that, the poll will be put to bed.

Poll results

I did warn that this poll wasn't going to be up for long and here are the results. I only wanted 100 votes as it is an indicator because we were never going to get all season ticket holders to vote, so I was never going to keep everyone happy and more than 100 is good enough for an indication.

Ouch. Doesn't look like many Aston Villa fans will renew.

Gabby, Gabby, Gabby

I know he is paid a lot of money and I know the club can tell him what to say and I know he has to do what he tells them, because he is paid that money, but I like to think that Gabby isn't stupid and I like to think he has some integrity.

Writing that sounds stupid when talking about a footballer and for the £50k a week or whatever he earns, on a four year deal, there is very little I'd not do and that does include those things you've just thought about and if I could do it for Aston Villa, I'd take a lot less.

But footballers today do not care about the supporters and they really don't care about the club. Don't let anyone tell you different. I can sort of prove that today too; if Gabby really cared, he wouldn't have said what he has said. He would give with one hand and take with the other. He knows better than this.

Gabby Agbonlahor
The fans are entitled to their opinions, but the chairman [Randy Lerner] has made a choice in bringing the manager here and everyone has got to get behind him.

In previous years the fans have got behind the team no matter what and that helps the players. If they really get behind the team and the players, it gives everyone a lift.

He is wrong here on both counts. You can't say supporters are entitled to an opinion and then tell them how to feel about him and actually, the supporters are always behind the team on the pitch. There is a massive different from supporting the manager and in previous years, managers have also taken a fair bit of stick too.

I know. This is PR from the club, otherwise it wouldn't have got so far so quickly, but Gabby should have known better. But he got sucked into it and there will be no grudges. But this is just stupid now.

McLeish has to go. He simply isn't good enough and he isn't liked by supporters. If that is known throughout the club, surely then, the owner has to act.