Grealish signs new deal with Aston Villa

Done deal and it's official. Jack Grealish has signed a deal until 2018 and everyone is happy. I bet Jack is too, if reports that other clubs were interested, it was sure to mean a fair amount of change is making it's way into his back account every week.

And who are we to deny him his riches.

It's good news whatever way you want to look at it. This might not be the season where he gets a proper run in the side but it's one where he gets his feet wet and you can feel comfortable in knowing that he will get some more time. If he manages to take this opportunities it's only going to be ahead of schedule and good for everyone.

But I do think it will be next season that we see if he really has it. I know it's a strange thing to write but if at 20 you've not made your impact in a side these days, every season after that it's going to become harder. Just look around at all the other players that have come through the Academy and not made it.

The manager speaks

There's always an excitement around a young player who comes through the Academy, but the thing is the potential we have signed in Jack Grealish is great for everyone connected with Villa.

He has a long way to go in the game but the potential that's in him, we believe, means we could have a really good player in the years to come. It's great for everybody here that he's committed to the Club. I'm appreciative of the efforts of Tom Fox, who worked hard on this with the Chairman, and we're all delighted.

We believe Jack can be a really good player for Villa and that's very encouraging in terms of where we see our future.

Time for Delph and Vlaar now

With all that written, now it's time for Delph and Vlaar. But we'll give them a few hours grace after this news.