Gardner in the frame, some real news and a video

We all know what is wrong and I'm not going to go over old ground. Changes need to happen and they will. It's just a case of when they happen. The longer this goes on the more trouble we are going to find ourselves in - but this really isn't news, so I'm going to stop.

The news is that Gary Gardner is going to make an appearance at the weekend. Gary doesn't know this yet but the manager is going to do something to make everyone happy and after his three goals last night - he is looking to a surprise supporter favourite.


Okay, this is me taking a guess but the manager is going to start to try new things because he will know there is a growing number of people not happy with what he is serving up and when a player so generally accepted as a future star scores three from midfield and you are playing defenders and strikers in midfield, if you don't pick him, you are going to get egg on your face eventually.

It is just a natural step for all concerned. If the manager can not see this, then something isn't screwed on right, so for me it is a certainty that it will happen, if not this weekend, then very soon, but this weekend is the right match, not the one after. Basically, sooner rather than later.

In more news, real this time, Nathan Baker and Shane Lowry have both joined Millwall on loan. Nice . they'll get some football and these younger players need football. They will both come back full of confidence and be knocking on the door of the manager wanting more. It is good stuff.

That is almost it from me today. A big match this weekend that we must get three points in. If we don't and we don't go out to win this game, with real attacking threats because players are playing in their preferred positions, then I imagine we will see quite a few angry comments at ninety minutes.

Video of the day

I couldn't find the three goals from last night but here are four from earlier in the tournament and a goal from Gardner. Last night will be up soon - mute this though.