Formation, competition winners and is little Brad going to get some match time?

Morning all. This poll thing we are doing is starting to get interesting isn´t it? Well, it is for me anyway and today we move onto two questions I don´t already know the answers for.

First up, who is in goal. The smart money would be on Big Brad but Little Brad has done nothing wrong and he might just pick up a few votes here - I don´t know for sure where this is going to go.

The second question is also a little interesting as it is all about formation but we sort of need to get this one answered before we can start putting polls together for the midfield.

Think about this one carefully though. Picking 442 now means only two central midfielders. Picking 433 means Young on the left and Milner on the right with only one place likely for Gabby, Carew, Heskey and The Fonz. Picking 4231 might make it easier, as will 451, so all I am saying is, for he sake of the poll, think about this one.

Little Brad

I´m speeding up now as I have to be out of the house in twenty minutes, but the talk is Little Brad is going to get some football in as it turns out The American keeper at Everton is injured. Well, that was what I was told anyway.

It will be good for Little Brad. He clearly has some ability and football is only going to enhance that.

Competition Winners

The winners of the two scarves are; I ♥ Tony Daley and brum in the south, so if you two could email me your address details, I will get them off to Savile Rogue.

Okay, that isn´t it, but I really do have to rush. I have 15 minutes to get out of the house now.