For first time, Aston Villa go five games without a goal after losing to QPR

You don't need me to look at the match for you and tell you that in the first half Sanchez looked decent and that he was the only positive. Until the second half that is, when in the space of three minutes he gave the ball away three times that led to QPR hitting the post and scoring.

You also probably don't need me telling you that we have now gone five games without scoring. That's a first for us and Paul Lambert continues his trend of setting new records for Aston Villa each season.

The truth is you don't need me to tell you about things you know about. This is a blog and I've had an opinion for a long time. And here it is again.

Lambert has to go. I'm sorry, but while many were saying it last season, I stood up and said he has to have more time. I even wrote he should get until the end of October. Well, we're at the end of October and we're within touching distance of the relegation zone with the joint second worst goal difference in the Premier League.

There are not three worse sides than us

The reason I wanted Lambert to have time and why I didn't worry the last couple of season that we'd go down, was because I could see that there were three worse sides than us in the League. I don't see that this season and if goal difference was what placed you in the table, we'd be in the bottom three.

It's just not working for Lambert. It didn't work when he tried three at the back. It didn't work when he played long. It didn't work when he tried not to lose and now it's not working with him doing what he's doing.

We can wait and hope for something to happen, but we're only kidding ourselves. I'm closing this post, because I'm worried I could write something that will get me into trouble. Shit, I'm going to write it; if you go on Sunday, you're supporting this owner and his decisions. He's clearly not interested, but the truth is, he's more interested in your money.

If he doesn't act what are we to do?