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Fiat you can, Benfica you can't and fantasy football

The club have announced a new deal with Fiat, the Italian car maker. I'm a big fan of Italian car makers and we were actually looking at a Fiat the other day, but when decision time comes around again, I think Volvo are going to win - something to do with the Swedish wife and/or safety and reliability, but I think I've just stepped over that line of things you want to read about and things you don't want to read about. I will move swiftly along.

We are not sure what the deal with Fiat is - something about fleet cars and I'm sure everyone is happy with it; our CEO has a proper big smile on his face in the photo on the club site.

Football Matters

Football matters but the football last night doesn't really. Yes, it would have been nice if we had won, much like winning the pre-season Peace Cup last year was nice, but none of it matters in the grand scheme of the Premier League.

Some players got a couple of games that you wont see again this season and some that you didn't expect to get games and be gone you will possibly see a lot of this season.

I'm not entirely sure what these pre-season tournaments are all about really other than fitness and that can be achieved at home although I am sure there is some cash too, which is what it is all about.

James Milner didn't feature in any of the games and well, that is a surprise, because players that had commitments in the summer did - but now I'm entering territory that I shouldn't and don't actually want too, so we leave it.

The final score was a little embarrassing but lets not forget exactly what it was; a pre-season kick-a-bout; it means nothing.

Megan Fox is an Aston Villa fan

Almost it for today but did you know you can play our fantasy football game here. All you have to do is follow the instructions. We have a few players registered, but we'd like more and if you have a product or service you would like a little exposure for in the Birmingham area and would like to sponsor a month or the tournament - get in contact. Lovely, thanks and after that is said, I'm going back to bed.