Fabian Delph and your attacking central midfielder

I tell you what Saturday can not come round quick enough for me. I need football back, or to be more specific I need Aston Villa back and I'm fed up of reading headlines like World Cup Joy, knowing that we will read World Cup Heartbreak later in the week when the French win in France.

But, I'm letting that wash over me like a fountain of beer this morning as I can't be arsed. Basically I've had a good morning so far, am about to run downstairs and have a late breakfast, then I'm going to sit back and watch Aston Villa beat Liverpool at Anfield again.

But before all that, you have one more player to pick in the quick question and for me, this is the most important position on the pitch. It's the man sitting just behind Gabby and just in front of Nigel Reo-Coker and Stilyan Petrov. It's the man that really should be making things happen and while I'm not convinced we have him in our squad yet, we could all be surprised and you never know who might come in January.

But for now, we have to pick with the players available and there is no Ashley Young or James Milner for this position as they have been picked to play on the wings, so your choices are limited.

I have put everyone in that can play that position, it is now just a case of who you want to play in it and who you think will be the most effective at doing everything that will be demanded of him in an attacking role, but also someone that would be asked to come back and mix it up a bit.

Other than that, there was mention somewhere yesterday that Fabian Delph might be off on loan as his move hasn't turned out like he had hoped. I'm not sure how credible the source is (I think it was News of the World) but surely Delph didn't think he was going to come and walk straight into the first team and surely O'Neill knew that it was a huge gamble on a kid.

Delph is without doubt a talent and he could argue that he needs a run in the team - I mean, it isn't written in stone, but if you have the ability there is every chance you will be able to show it at 19 and if you don't, as each year passes there is less and less hope.

I don't mean to say that if you are over 19 it isn't going to happen, but with all the money paid for a 19 year old, you would have thought he was more than just a prospect and he should get a little run, but maybe O'Neill hasn't seen in him what he must have seen in him to have paid all that money.

Only time will tell on the Delph thing and there is only one man who will decide if the risk is taken and I'm not sure our manager likes taking too many risks.