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England v Germany and James Milner

There is some speculation about James Milner and him handing in a transfer request when he gets back to England, but it is just speculation - believe it at your peril and it doesn't matter - we will still finish sixth or seventh next season.

The World Cup is the perfect excuse as to why we have not signed any one yet, but it is a good excuse at the moment - because for all we know Martin O'Neill could have handed a list of four players to Randy Lerner three months ago, Randy Lerner could have approved it and Paul Faulkner could be just waiting for each player to get knocked out.

They could also just be waiting for England to be knocked out before showing this list to Milner and convincing him to stay be demonstrating they are serious about truly challenging for something in the very near future.

It could be that all those things happened or it could be that there is nothing left to take out of Aston Villa and there is no more money coming unless Lerner finds a buyer or an investor.

Germany v England

There really is very little Aston Villa to talk about without speculating and if Milner does come back and hand in a transfer request, it wouldn't surprise me and it probably wouldn't surprise you either.

So instead of Aston Villa - we have Germany v England and that is what I guess most will be thinking and talking about today.

So, I am putting beer in fridge, turning on the radio and forgetting Aston Villa - it is the big one today and if we win another big one. Can England really do it?

Hopefully more Aston Villa news next week and you never know, someone might get a glance of that list on Paul Faulkner's desk signed off by Randy.