Emile Heskey: I'm a Villa player and I'm not going to quit

Emile Heskey has spoken about the reports earlier this week that suggested he may want to leave Aston Villa in January and has as good as said it's rubbish and that he isn't going to quit Villa.

Nice attitude and if it didn't come out from the club it was only going to develop and speculation was only going to increase.

We are also not stupid, we know things get taken out of context and we know that things are often printed or published that were never said in the first place so we will take what Emile has said, on the club site, as gospel. He is an Aston Villa player, who is going to fight for his place and isn't going to quit.

Emile Heskey
I didn't say I want to quit Villa or anything like that. The manager knows what I'm like. I have spoken to him and explained the quotes. I think the manager knew anyway that certain things weren't said.

I just wanted to clear everything up. The headline said more than the whole piece actually. Some people only see the headline. It's not nice to be painted as something I'm not but as I said, I've seen it happen to so many people before me. I've seen people get through it - and so can I. I am here, I am a Villa player and in spite of what the headlines say, I'm not going to quit.

So, there you have it. Emile Heskey didn't say he wanted to quit Aston Villa and he is going to fight for his place. Even if that place is centre back.