Drawing with relegated West Brom, four days of silence, #LoveLuke competition and playing players that matter

I understand why some don't see it in Dean Smith, I really do. But for me, it's not about seeing it or not right now, it's about change, opportunity and time. Change will bring disruption and that is never good. Time can bring stability and hope and there is nothing wrong with that as long as we are moving forward.

The problem comes when in three or four seasons, I'm writing the same thing and that we're not really moving in any direction or we don't have a style of play and we seem to respond to what is coming instead of making what is coming respond to us. That is the easiest thing to imagine because that is what it feels like at the moment.

But I can see both futures. At the start of this season all I wanted was us to get better than last season. We did. We saw real glimpses of winning matches when we wanted to. But we've also seen performances, too many if you ask me, where we've gone out and not wanted to win.

For some reason, yesterday was one of those days. We were playing relegated West Brom, we put out a strong side but looked average. We hit long too often and gave away the ball too much and played players that shouldn't be playing.

Don't get me wrong, I want to win every game, but we don't and right now we can't be relegated and we can't win the league, so why don't we start with Keinan. Why are we playing with Barkley and El Ghazi when we have players that should be playing because they have a chance of making an impact next season?

The sound of silence

In other news, Premier League clubs are going to give us 4 days of social media silence as a way to protest something I have no doubt. And don't get me wrong, I'm believe it will be important and that it is, but that they settle on four days. If whatever it was they were protesting against or highlighting was that important, I'm sure they could have done something a little more powerful than four days.

I don't follow the Club or other Clubs on social media because they are basically trying to sell you something all the time or dictate a narrative. I think it's rubbish, so it doesn't bother me, but four days. Wow. I hope they raise enough money for whatever hospital it is. I feel sorry for wherever this is directed because it's basically saying that they don't care.

Last thing of the day

I should say as well in case what I've written today is riddled with errors, I took some drugs at the dentist a while ago. They didn't work then so they sent me home, but now I'm home I think they are starting to kick in. So if I get this next part wrong, I could be in trouble. There is a £250 giveaway from Luke coming up this week but you can start thinking about it now.

The competition will be a guess, the total goals scored this weekend with all matches on Friday to Monday, Premier League only. I'll create a submission form tomorrow or Wednesday.