Do you think you are fast, Carew and John The Slag

Do you think you can run fast and do you think you have good control of the ball at your feet? If you have answered yes to that two part question, you need to get yourself down to Aston Park Pavilion tonight for 7pm to prove it by taking part in the Cristiano Ronaldo Speed Test.

It's a Nike event and it is only open to the first 200 people to walk through the gate so if you want my advice, get there a little before 7pm and if you really are as fast as you think you are - you could be heading to the final where you will meet me. Ronaldo only beat my time by a tenth of a second.

It will be fun, Gabby will be at the event and it isn't just one person - but the five fastest. For the record, Gabby was very fast at this, but there is a reason why they call it the Cristiano Ronaldo Speed Test.

Important for O'Neill to stay

John Carew
Will Martin O'Neill stay? I haven't really thought about it and I don't think the manager wants us to think about it either. I think he wants us to focus on the games. The speculation will be in the media but we have to go out there and perform and, in his mind, he is thinking about the game as well when we go out there. Is it important that Martin O'Neill stays? Absolutely. You see what he has done for the club. It is very important for Villa that he stays.

Should John The Slag Terry apologise

On Saturday, I didn't have an opinion on this one way or the other, because I had only seen the event once and then maybe once on a replay and because I wasn't 100% certain about what happened I didn't want to comment and get it wrong.

Well, {rokbox title=|John The Slag Terry :: Aston Villa Blog Video of the Day| text=|I've seen it again now|size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} and I can confidently say it was a horrendous tackle. I don't think John the Slag went in to hurt Milly, he just went in hard and it went wrong and while he shouldn't need to apologise in the media for giving 100%, I have a feeling he's probably had a word with Milly and it probably wasn't an apology, more a 'sorry about that'. It is a contact sport at the end of the day and they both know it.

Don't get me wrong, it was a horrendous tackle, but I just don't think there was any intent.


Everton is the big match now and we need to win this match. If we lose, I think we can kiss goodbye to any hope that we will finish 6th, but that is just my view. If we win, I think 6th is very possible. Not a match defining match but three points is very important.

Right - I'm off for coffee and that thing about Ronaldo only beating me by a tenth of a second, yes, it was rubbish and I won't be at the final. I used to play in defence and I was a proper defender - I didn't do running.