Di Matteo confirmed, now for Steve Clarke

When Tim Sherwood was appointed it was the wrong decision but there seemed to be an outpouring of belief that he was the man. Supporters actually sung for Paul Lambert while he was at Norwich. I don't remember what supporters thought when Remi Garde was appointed as I'd given up trying to remember by then.

And my views haven't really changed on the comedy that is Aston Villa of late and while I want this appointment to be a success, I'm not going to need to be shown before I start to believe. And I also need to be convinced of this new owner because I remain sceptical.

I write this, because I suspect that now it's happened, there are a lot of Aston Villa supporters predicting we're going to get promoted.

And I still don't think Di Matteo is the man but I do think that Steve Clarke will add some much needed knowledge and support and as a team, it might be enough. But if we didn't have Clark, it would have been a mistake employing Di Matteo. Clarke is a much better number two than manager and for me, he is the key to this appointment.

And there is an awful lot of work for both of them to do. If they want help getting started; Gabby, Bacuna and Richards can't be allowed to play for Aston Villa again and if they want to make friends quickly, get Ayew, Traoré, Clark, Gueye, Veretout and Amavi to commit to one more season. And make Grealish captain (for reasons previously written).

And on that, I've got to run, but I look forward to seeing what Di Matteo has to say.