Delving into the dark side: Tabloid speculation and the gaffer

Could Keisuke Honda be the missing piece of the Gerard Houllier puzzle and could I get this bottle up my arse?

According to Mat Kendrick, we've apparently ended our interest in Charlie Adam and all this after three actual bids, him coming tomorrow a few times and sixteen games in the Premier League. I'm gutted, absolutely gutted. I was convinced he was the player to take us into the top four.

Joking aside, it isn't often a player that comes up with a promoted side goes on to great things or a bigger club and really makes an impact and for me, if we are going for a player to replace someone we have in central midfield, I'd want a proven player at the highest level for a little bit longer.

No Adam but maybe Samba

However, we have shown interest in Chris Samba and we know this because he told us. If he comes today, expect one of our players to leave today or very soon and expect it to be a central defender.

Cards on the table, I'd be disappointed if Ciaran Clark or Carlos Cuellar left. If it was Richard Dunne I don't think I'd be that bothered and if it was James Collins, well, I don't know. He has scored a few goals and I do like his attitude and I've seen some very good performances, but I've just got a thing for Clark and Cuellar, but not in that way.

Striker leaving

West Brom have confirmed their interest in John Carew. I have to say I won't be disappointed to see him leave and I've never really fallen in love with him the way some have. Don't get me wrong, he can do it and I've come close, but he is getting paid a huge amount of money and for that you want him to sweat blood.

Carew never has and if he wants to leave on a positive note, he should leave now and not at the end of the season with his comments of 'great fans' and how the club will 'always have a special place in his heart'.

Honda interest

I'm loathed to put this down but as someone reminded me the other day, it is January and it is all about speculation but someone somewhere has linked us to Keisuke Honda. It is a link and I saw a bit of him play in Russia and I watched every game at the World Cup and he is decent and actually, he might very well be an excellent signing, but I'm just trying to play down expectations, is he good enough and can't be do better?

When I write do better, what I mean is go for someone that stands out. Don't get me wrong, I'd like him at the club and I know who he'd replace, I'm just saying lets not get too excited just yet as nobody from what I can tell there is no quote that we are interested, just pure speculation.

One thing he does have going for him; he looks a winner and we need winners in the team.

The gaffer decides

I know I've just spent the last twenty minutes writing a post based mostly on speculation but I'm going to end it with common sense; it isn't just about the players.

They are a big factor, but it is about how we play football and that is changing and it will take time. My point is, whoever the manager brings in, Charlie Adam even, I'll believe they are good enough for Aston Villa until the prove me otherwise even if I've written I don't think they are.

I have to, because Gerard Houllier is the gaffer and he deserves his chance and as the gaffer, if he wants to sell Stephen Ireland to finance the move for another central midfielder, I'm all for it.

Almost forgot this. We've added a Darren Bent desktop walllpaper here.