Dean Smith appointed Aston Villa manager, John Terry as assistant

Dean Smith has been named manager of Aston Villa and John Terry his assistant. Let me be clear from the first paragraph; I like the appointment.

But let me also say that it's a romantic one and a strategic one. John Terry will learn and should things not work out as they're supposed to, John Terry will be there to take over. And I should also explain this.

Dean Smith is a relative newcomer to management. But that's not a bad thing, I'm actually okay with that. But as Brentford manager he's got a win rate of 40% and that isn't bad. But Mark Warburton, the last manager they had with any significant length of time had a win percentage of 54% and before him, Uwe Röslerhad 44%.

That isn't to say that it's been easier for Smith. You could easily argue it's been harder. But I like numbers. But I like that Dean Smith is an Aston Villa fan, it's romantic and I like romance in football. I think football is romantic and I think that it should be.

And only time will tell, but I think that is why John Terry is here. Terry isn't here to be an assistant and his former playing colleagues are now managing and he wants to be managing and he knows that he'll get the job.

But again, I like romance and you need romance. You need someone that loves the Club to take responsibility for it. I just hope it doesn't end in tears. So yes, I have concerns and I think we could have done better, but that's just my opinion.