Deal to be concluded next week, England last night and a rumour

This is one of those posts where I'm telling you stuff you already know, but we've at over 1,500 comments in the last post and I've had a couple of emails in asking to write something new. So here goes.

First up, the news is or I should say the talk is, that Dr Xia will complete his purchase of the club next week. And yes, I remain sceptical and that is I'm afraid, going to remain my position for some time. I'm not sorry for it, I just don't like to be told what to believe. But he has promised funds and next season is going to be interesting.

And it has to be said, I'm not comfortable with all this talk of buying success, especially now when it has been proven that you don't need to do that. But even that simple statement will confuse some.


I suppose I have to write about yesterday too. And England were unlucky while Wales were lucky. I could use the words fortunate or unfortunate and you can decide what ones you prefer, but the bottom line is you create your own luck.

England were very unlucky yesterday, but when the team was announced everyone was a little disappointed. And when Hodgson finally made some changes yesterday, everyone was a little more disappointed too. Like I wrote above, you create your own luck and while we were very unfortunate, 1-0 is never enough against quality.

But there was something about the performance that suggests when we have the right players on the pitch and the right changes are made, it will come good. But I'm always the optimist. Right?

Ending on a rumour

So, with all that written, more nonsense. This time it's apparently reported in the Swedish press that we're interested in Marcus Antonsson from Kalmar FF. Now, I've no idea, but he's not English and I'm sure there will be someone that has an idea. I can tell you that the Swedish league is only 12 games in and his side are struggling but he's scoring, so there is every chance the club will want to sell and he'll want to leave.

But how many times have we had a Scandinavian player come and not make it. It's always a gamble but the thing is, a million quid to a club like Kalmar, in a town with just over 30,000 people - it's a lot of money, so much so that if it doesn't work out for him in England, they'll never be able to pay it back to get him back. I'm trying to say that he isn't going to be expensive and you just never know with these players.

So on that, I'm going to get out of bed, cut the grass and maybe not comment on any more speculation for the rest of the summer. I think those two paragraphs have wiped me out.