Confirmed: Darren Bent signs for Aston Villa

Darren Bent and his shirt. Borrowed from the club site. It was the least they could provide

Darren Bent has today signed for Aston Villa and I have a feeling this signing will be put a smile on quite a few faces. I have that feeling and I write it with confidence, because I have quite a big smile on my face right now and it has nothing to do with something I've inhaled or consumed.

I hope also that it will give the manager a bit of breathing space and that it also clearly demonstrates once and for all, that the club are backing this manager. No more nonsense from some please - time to fully support this manager.

I'm hoping for more too, but this is mostly just me thinking and dreaming at the same time, that this shows Ashley Young that the club is serious. I'd even go so far as to suggest a contract is put down in front of him right about now and he is asked to sign it.

You see, there is one player, or one type of player we have missed for a number of years at this club and that is a player that can score. Darren Bent can and will score goals and don't be surprised if he does it on Saturday too.

A proven goal scorer in Darren Bent

We put hope in Darius Vassell but it never really happened. We put hope in the Moore brothers, but again, it never really happened. We have put hope in Gabby and while it could still come good for him, he is two years younger than Bent and it hasn't really happened. Not in the way it has happened for Bent and when he was younger than Gabby is now.

But it could still come good for Gabby and playing and training with the likes of Darren Bent can only help him, even if I think the manager will probably partner Bent with Heskey to begin with, with Heskey sitting just behind Bent.

But now I'm waffling. The deal is done. All hail Darren Bent and expect some quotes along the lines of "when I knew Villa were in for me", "big club, big stadium", "successful manager", "aiming for Europe" and "great players" from the club site later. For now, I'm going to get a beer.

Update: Darren Bent speaks

Aston Villa is a massive football club and as soon as I knew they were interested in signing me I wanted to join. The size of the football club and the history of the club are major reasons for me coming here. There are some top, top players here too, real quality, and I've been able to speak to the manager and the chairman about their ambitions for the club, so I'm very excited about being a part of what we hope to achieve.