Dark clouds forming around Villa Park as style of football looks set to continue

Grant Holt signed on loan until the end of the season yesterday and it's the perfect excuse for Paul Lambert to not show for the Hangout, so we moved it to March and if he's still in a job, we'll see if he comes then.

And that is a horrible comment to make; if he's still in a job, but he's creating this feeling himself, because of his style of football and the sense that his only ambition is about staying in the league.

And to top it all off, he's brought Holt in. Holt coming only goes to further suggest that Lambert doesn't have a plan or an ability to change the football. It suggests quite clearly that we're going to hit long and hope for something.

The worst feeling is that this is actually how he wants to play.

One of the questions I was going to ask (even though I really did know he wouldn't have the courage to do it) on the Hangout was about training and what they do. I was going to ask about corners and probability amongst other things.

You see, if we practise corners in training, as in really work on things we're going to do, then it's clearly not working and something needs to change. I don't think we do work on them. I think we might talk about it every now and then, but that isn't good enough.

I was going to ask also about his philosophy on how to win games and if the thinks we've got a chance of winning a game if for the majority of the match, we don't have the ball.

All we seem to do is hit and hope. We're good at that. But it means that we will probably not win as many games as we would like, or should.

Grant Holt

But Holt will get goals. And Holt will run and run and try to make an impression. Even though he'll be 33 in April, he'll still be hoping for Premier League football even if this season he's shown not much in the Championship.

Nothing against Holt, I don't know of a player that wouldn't want to come and join us from Wigan. It's what a signing like Holt represents.

It was a dark day when Alex McLeish was appointed but right now, dark clouds are forming around Villa Park with the style of football we are getting served up and the apparent lack of football knowledge or ability.