Culverhouse sacked. Okay, suspended. But as good as

Okay, the statement says suspended and it's not just Culverhouse, it's also Gary Karsa and there is speculation as to why, but I'm not going to go into it. But, we all know Culverhouse told supporters to do one recently, so it doesn't really surprise that this has happened.

But the thing is and I know this is me just taking something and making it something else, but the timing of this is horrible. We've had a horrid time of late, we've had the HR Director issue a rallying cry to supporters and all of a sudden we're sacking two members of the backroom team that the manager brought in with him. And, the manager stays.

What I mean is, we're in a mess and changes are happening at a crucial time of the season, it's not the right type of message we want to be sending. Could this have anything to do with Marc Albrighton getting the train home by himself the other evening. Okay, now I'm speculating.

Love him or hate him, the truth is Culverhouse should have gone in December when he swore to supporters. Maybe then he got a warning. this time, it's suspension, which as the title suggests, is as good as a sacking. I mean, if the manager doesn't stand by you, after he brought you in, you're not likely to go back to him are you?

And with them going, Gordon Cowans and Shay Given are now working directly with the manager. That Gordon Cowans is there isn't a surprise, but Shay Given ... well, who could have predicted that. It could be very interesting.

Interesting because Given isn't exactly someone the manager has put a lot of faith in, is what I mean. It's almost as if the managers role has become very difficult for him. Almost, you'd think, grounds for something, but I'm no lawyer. I do know however, that if I put a team of people together and my board came and said they had to go, I might feel as if my position was untenable.

Anyway, it's now happened and that explains why the HR Director was at Bodymoor this morning. Let's just hope it has a positive effect on the players on Saturday and I have a feeling we'll know if it was.