Confirmed: Manchester City sign Gareth Barry for £12 million and you know what, it's good business

Gareth Barry has today signed for Manchester City for £12mn. and you know what, I don't think this will be good move for his football career.

I know we'll have a Manchester City fan or two on here saying it is just sour grapes, but it really isn't and regular visitors will know, it's not just me saying this now because he has left.

Before Martin O'Neill came to Villa, Barry didn't even get a look in with the England squad and O'Neill is known for making average players good. It is exactly what he has done with Barry and if anything this just represents very good business for us.

Some even said last summer, me included, that if anyone came in at around £12mn. we should grab it and well, with a year left on his contract and us getting £12mn. I personally think it is excellent business.

From what I can gather, the general feeling about this isn't one of anger for Barry leaving to play for a team that I fancy we will still beat in the league table next season, it is that he lied to the supporters.

I have to say that I'm not surprised and he has shown his true colours and despite his service to the club, that he was very well rewarded for, he will soon be forgotten and while Manchester City will sign a few more players this summer, like I said, I don't think they will do as well as many of their supporters hope and this could even put his England place for the World Cup in South Africa in jeopardy.

Barry has gone for the money and at the end of the day we would all go for that type of money, but the way in which he handed it, from last summer to today, has just left a sour taste. Good luck Gareth, you're going to need it.