Competition time: Nothing Aston Villa but a t-shirt or five

Unless you want to talk about the Peace Cup or the merits of Ashley Young committing to the club, there is little else to discuss today other than the new shirt coming out soon and the secret plans of the club to change the badge.

It is just one of those days. It has actually been one of those weeks with not much going on and I was thinking about it last night; have we been linked to everyone we are going to get?

What I mean is, there is usually smoke these days as nobody can keep a lid on speculation and if a player is linked or there is some interest the cat usually gets out of the bag, if only to alert other clubs to attract interest and hopefully push the price up.

But there is nothing. We could talk about the under 21 tournament and if we beat Sweden tomorrow night there is a good chance we will see three Aston Villa players playing in the final. Gabby is fit, so it could be interesting, but not really Aston Villa.

But, as there is nothing, we have a competition and the thanks to the guys over at Soccerprint we have five t-shirts to give away and while I've put a picture of one up for you, you get to pick the design based on your favourite match or result.

Aston Villa t-shirt by Soccerprint

You pick the match and the result gets printed and the t-shirt gets posted off to you, but to stand a chance of winning one of these you need to answer a quick question which will run on here for the rest of the day. Tonight we will lock the comment box so if you haven't got your answer in by about 10pm, you're not going to be in with a chance.

So, the question is; how many visitors did this site get on Tuesday? Not so easy I know and a bit random, but we have the statistics and whichever five get it right or are the closest will get a t-shirt of their choice. Just to clarify, it isn't hits or impressions (some of you hit the page more than once), it is actual unique visitors and when we announce the winner we will do a screen print of the stats page to show the correct answer.

Thanks again to Soccerprint because they really are the best football t-shirt provider on the net and they didn't ask me to write that, it's just a fact and I do make the odd purchase every now and then.

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