Sixteen year old players, issues with a certain federation and something for Ciaran Clark

Nothing happened yesterday as I was busy and actually, nothing did really happen apart form Richard Dunne talking about United on Saturday and a couple of bits about some younger players.

First bit was that we were offering a trial to 16 year old Pior Parzyszek and well, this got me really excited as well, he's 16 years old and he must be pretty good. I know, does it really matter?

The thing is, the other bit of news was also about another 16 year old, this time British passport holding, Australian born Reece Caira who has been banned from playing football for over a year, because we wanted to bring him to the club and FIFA said no.

Now, my history is poor, but wasn't it the English that invented the game? Why the hell do we have these people in Switzerland, getting fat on our heritage, telling us what to do? This isn't just about this player, this is much bigger and I'm not suggesting for a minute that we can do better, but why don't we try?

What exactly do FIFA bring to the table that if England were to stand up and walk away from, we couldn't get back? Do you think if we left and invited other countries to join our federation that some wouldn't join? Why the hell do FIFA think they can say no to a transfer. They don't act on the really important things for years, almost until it is too late, then they try and stop a 16 year old British passport holder from furthering his career. It doesn't make sense.

Okay, I'm getting carried away and this is a nothing thing really because he'll probably arrive fairly soon and FIFA can not ban a 16 year from playing, but it's just that FIFA get right on my tits.

Anyway, Manchester United tomorrow, who do you think is going to give the rallying call and what formation will we play? Also, quick question to the right and before I go, {rokbox title=|Megan Fox :: She must have known how this picture would look, so say what you want too| text=|this is for Ciaran Clark| size=|960 768| album=|demo|}images/megan-fox/megan-clark.jpg{/rokbox} - apparently he's a big fan. Good man.

So, with Martin O'Neill warning of a tough game and the sun rising this morning, all is set for something tomorrow. We'll be doing a special live blog tomorrow. Not sure how it will be special, but I'm going to be extra careful to make sure you get all the news and banter from about ten in the morning. For now, I'm off for coffee and I'm thinking Marmite on toast.