Can't buy me love, King Carlos plays and Gabby

There is little to tell you. Gabby won man of the match, but nobody will be surprised at that. You don't score one and set the other up and not win. You can actually buy anything you want in Italy as long as you have enough money and that probably doesn't surprise you either.

YOu might not know this; Carlos Cuellar played 45 minutes of football last night. It was the reserves beating Chelsea 1-0 and he seemed happy and looking forward to more, from what I gathered from his Twitter feed.

I've found something else you might not know. Gabby has pain in his lower back and he's off to London to see a specialist. I'm sure it is nothing that can't be fixed and he'll be back after the international break fully recovered and rested.

I want to tell you so much more, but I don't have anything, so instead, I'm leaving you with a video of the day.

It can buy you your freedom