Can't beat Hull, but we don't need to and competition winner

I was talking to a Derby fan last night and he tells me that the football isn't great, but as a group of supporters, they're optimistic. I think he's happy that they're winning and he's not that concerned by the football.

I'm not really sure what we want as Aston Villa supporters at the moment but I'm quite happy. We didn't lose yesterday and things are not as bad as they could be.

And I mentioned this the other day, but do you think the Cardiff, Fulham and Newcastle fans are happy most weekends these days? They're not and I'd far rather be where we are than where they are. Even if they survive in the Premier League it isn't fun to lose most weekends.

And again, this isn't to say I don't want to be playing in the Premier League, competing for silverware. This is just me accepting that it doesn't happen because I want it to. These things take time but now we have our manager, it's about giving the time for it to happen. And accepting that it isn't all going to be what we want, week in week out.

And yesterday, it was conceding two goals that did it. I know it sounds obvious but we equalised with 25 minutes to go, we should have won yesterday. If it's just about shoring up the defence, then that is something we can fix even if last season Brentford conceded 10 more goals than us.

My point with it not taking time; we look at what needs to be fixed and we fix it. And before I go, the winner of the Lunch with Luke competition, it was a Twitter user. He was 167 away from the actual number of 215,259. If there is a next time we have a competition, I'll do my best to make sure that it's just for users of the blog and doesn't include Twitter users.