Burnley 1 Aston Villa 1: We were given a lesson by Burnley today but we are up to fourth

You can say what you want about the result today; the smart money was on it and yes that does include me. It was always going to be tough against them and I think if you were to offer Sir Alex Ferguson it now, he'd happily take a point.

But the football was poor. We really are, once you take away the fight and determination away, just an average football team. We haven't developed under O'Neill and the first half today from Burnley showed us exactly how to play.

The second half was different; we fought and we were determined, but when you play against a team that is also determined and are also fighting and also know how to play or are really trying to play football, then it is going to be tough.

There really is very little to write about after watching this match. Friedel kept us in the game at one down, Stewart Downing made his debut coming on with just under twenty minutes left for Sidwell and Emile Heskey got the equaliser. That really is about it.

Oh, for the few that like stats, we had six shots on target and four off. Burnley had six also but five off target. But and this is just in case you didn't know, we are currently sitting fourth in the table, which when you consider we have got from playing long ball counter attacking, one dimensional football, isn't that bad.

At The End of the DaySome are going to tell you that you have to be happy with a point at Burnley and maybe they are right. I'll accept that for now. We are fourth in the Premier League and while we might not be when the business of football is finished tomorrow, we are now and that is sort of what counts. Football needs to start getting better soon, it really does.