Brighton in the FA Cup tomorrow and defenders leaving

I saw a rumour yesterday saying that Newcastle were interested in taking Curtis Davies on loan for the rest of the season and I've seen one this morning that Sunderland are interested in buying Habib Beye for £1.8mn. All this when all I am doing is trying to find links to players we might be interested in.

But, we will have to wait until the last day of the transfer window or the day before the window closes before we sign anyone, but we do have quite a big carrot to offer any new player; a League Cup final, so that might be interesting, if they are not cup tied, obviously.

But to the rumours of players leaving; Beye won't go, not yet anyway. I know we have a right back at the club and that he is getting kept out of the starting team by a centre back, but I think O'Neill has spent enough time trying to get the right back position sorted that he isn't going to risk having only one player capable of playing in that position.

I think Beye could leave for first team football, I just don't think it will happen this season. Curtis Davies on the other hand could very well be at Newcastle very soon, but very much on loan.

You see, Davies is represented by the same agent that represents Marlon Harewood and Davies does want to play. For me, Davies is one of the best central defenders in the country and he has taken a lot of stick that I for one think a little unfair.

Okay, you will say that I am a fan of Sidwell and that I don't know what I'm talking about, but with Sidwell in the team and we have played five in the midfield, I don't think we have lost - I just think Davies needs a run in the team with the same partner and he'll win you all over.

But, I think if Newcastle are interested, Davies will also want some regular football. Don't forget, he was picked by Capello for his first squad and only injury forced him out. He could still be on that plane to South Africa and he will want every opportunity to show that he is capable. I believe he is, he just needs the opportunity and if Newcastle are offering that and I believe he could be recalled after 28 days on a days notice, I say why not, it would be good for all parties.

Brighton in the FA Cup

With everything that has happened this week you would be forgiven for taking your eye off the ball, but there is a certain FA Cup tie at Villa Park tomorrow.

For Brighton, this is the biggest match of their season and they will fight for absolutely everything and they will, I fancy, score a goal. {rokbox title=|Brighton supporters :: It is a special day for them| text=|Their supporters will also try to make as much noise as possible tomorrow |size=|640 505| album=|demo|}{/rokbox} and we should not think this is an easy tie.

I expect changes and I'm hoping we see one or two players come in. I don't think we will see that many changes, or hope not, because too many changes can disrupt our play, but I just can't see the same team starting this match that started against Blackburn. Either way, whoever starts, it will be a tough match, but one I do really expect to win.

We will be doing the usual build up and live blogging and someone is about to receive an email saying they have one a t-shirt for the best bit of football punditry on the live blog we did for the Blackburn match - there will also be a t-shirt up for grabs on this match, so, unless we sign someone, see you all tomorrow.