Bet £10 get £20 free, put it on Aston Villa at 13/8 and walk away over £40 up - if we win

The League Cup final isn't far away and the lovely guys over at PaddyPower have brought an offer to the table that is too good to turn down, so I'm having some and you can have some too.

All new customers who make a £10 bet get a free £20 bet and with Villa at 13/8 at the moment, if you put that £20 on Aston Villa to win and we do, then you will get back £52.50 - and if you want to be super clever, you can put down your intial £10 bet on Manchester United and then your £20 on Villa and whatever happens - you walk away a winner.

You can do it anyway you want, but you basically can't lose as the odds of 13/8 for Aston Villa and 4/9 on Manchester United are for 'Outright Betting' so there is no draw - it is basically whoever wins. If you do the £10 on Manchester United and they win, you get just under £15 back but if Villa win, well, it's over £50 - but like I said, do it anyway you want.

So, click here, sign up and place your bet. Maybe you can donate a little of the winnings to Acorns and thank the Irish. I'll be buying beer with mine.

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