Best half of football all season: Liverpool 2 Aston Villa 2

Another quick post form me, because now the match is over, I've got to get back to this document I'm polishing off this weekend, but I'll summarise with; you can't be disappointed with that performance.

You can be disappointed with the result because Suarez dived for the penalty, but overall, nobody thought we'd go there and get anything today and nobody thought we'd put in the type of performance we did.

In the first half, we not only scored two good goals, but for large period of the match, we bossed the game. The first thirty minutes was all us.

And if we started every game like that, we'd win a few more too. If only we started the second like we started the first, or scrap that, if only they didn't score late on in the first half and we started the second like we started the first, we would have won.

I kid you not, that first half was the best football we have played all season. And on that, because I really do have a lot on tonight and tomorrow, I've got to go.